types of education

types of education

Regarding ownership, as prescribed in Article 44 of Vietnam’s Education Law, there are four types of educational establishments:
Public education establishments: established and monitored by the State. The State also nominates their administrators and decides staff quota. The State invests in infrastructure and allocates funding for their regular spending tasks.
Semi-public educational establishments: set up by the State on the basis of mobilizing organizations and individuals in the society to jointly invest in infrastructure.
People-founded educational establishments: Social or economic organizations apply for permission from the State to set up an institution with non-State budget capital.
Private educational establishments: Individuals or groups of individuals apply for permission from the State to set up and invest in the institution by themselves.
The semi-public, people-founded and private educational establishments are referred collectively to as non-public educational establishments.

Remedial activities allow students who do not meet all the admission requirements for college to acquire the knowledge they lack which is considered essential for pursuing their college studies.
Colleges may also offer other types of training, designed to respond to the diverse interests of the general public or the specific needs of businesses.



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