The Inventors

How to Become a Better Translator

BowLingual was developed by a large team of researchers through the combined efforts of Takara

Corporation, Index Corporation, the Japan Acoustic Laboratory, individual scientists, and practicing veterinarians.

Dr. Matsumi Suzuki, PhD
As President of Japan Acoustic Laboratory (JAL), Dr. Suzuki spearheaded the efforts to develop the Animal Emotion Analysis System, the basis for BowLingual. In addition, working in conjunction with his colleagues at JAL, Dr. Suzuki also analyzed audio recordings to help solve the murder of Philippine politician Benigno Aquino and developed a system that allows the recreation of historical human and animal voices, including dinosaurs.

Dr. Norio Kogure, DVM, PhD
In 1954 Dr. Kogure founded the Kogure Companion Animal Clinic. Today as President of the Kogure Companion Animal Hospital in Tokyo, he is regarded as one of top dog and cat experts in Japan. Dr. Kogure has authored many books on animal behavior and medicine. He was instrumental in constructing BowLingual’s body language and training modes.

Dr. Tamara Shearer, DVM
A highly respected practicing veterinarian, Dr. Shearer operates the Shearer Pet Hospital, located in Columbus, Ohio. This hospital is committed to employing the latest applications in pet health and enhancing veterinary medicine through its hands on clinic for senior veterinary medical students from the University. Author of several books on animal care, Dr. Shearer came well qualified to contribute information to BowLingual’s medical reference mode.

Takara Corporation
Established in 1955, Takara Corp. is Japan’s second largest toy company, developing and manufacturing innovative toys, electronics and lifestyle products. Some of Takara’s better-known products include Transformers, Hello Kitty, Penny Racers, and e-Kara karaoke. These products and others reflect Takara’s long-standing commitment to pushing technological boundaries. It was this drive that helped bring BowLingual to life.

Index Corporation
Established in 1995, Index Corp. is Japan’s leading provider of software and content for mobile platforms such as phones and PDAs. Publicly traded, Index has millions of subscribers and nearly $75 million in annual sales. Index Corporation’s expertise with handheld devices and their software lead to their involvement in the BowLingual project.