taught meaning

taught meaning

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past tense and past participle of teach

Brother Victor had taught my brother, Jeff, the previous year with far greater success.
It was not so terribly hard as to be impossible for ordinary men, like some of the holy hermits and Saints in the past had taught .

TAUGHT का अर्थ :
‣ सिखाया हुआ

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Taught meaning
You’re looking solid. Must be taught!
One cock with three chicks. That’s taught.

Coached, Directed, Educated, Informed, Learned, Trained,
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For the purpose of the exercise, since the active voice is a simple past tense, a straightforward conversion to the passive would yield (4), which I believe is meant to be the “correct” answer.

Taught meaning
TAUGHT, pret. and pp. of teach. pron. taut. L. doctus.
TAUGHT, a. taut. from the root of tight. Stretched; not slack.



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