Is Your Dog Ready for Winter?

Winter can be very harsh, so you’ve decided to check on your winter coat, boots, and change the car tires. Did you forget anything? Oh, yes, your dog! Your little friend may feel hardship during winter too.

For this reason, you should make sure that your pet feels comfortable and is not cold until winter goes away. Don’t assume they are not cold just because they have their bodies covered by fur – dogs need extra care as well.

So, is your dog ready for the cold season? Let’s explore it and see how you can help your dog survive winter.

Do You Know Enough About the Breed?

First of all, you need to ensure you know enough about your dog’s breed. Each breed adapts differently to cold. There are several things that you may need to buy, and the breed is important when it comes to this as well.

Having an idea about your dog’s breed can make winter easier both for you and your pet.

Does Your Dog Have a Coat?

Just like you need a coat to keep yourself warm during winter, your dog is the same. There are little coats that are specially manufactured for pets, so you should go to the pet shop and look for one that fits your best friend.

Each breed requires a different coat because coats come in many sizes. If your pet has a lot of fur, then they may already have a coat from Mother Nature. If he doesn’t, then you should consider purchasing one. Some breeds have short and soft fur, and they risk getting sick from the cold.

Get Ready for More Inside Time

Your dog may enjoy playing outside in all that snow. However, that doesn’t mean you should let him outside all day long. Even dogs are at risk at low temperatures. They risk getting hypothermia or frostbite, so make sure you take measures.

To make sure, ask your veterinarian about how long should your dog be allowed outside during the cold season. This way, you can spend some quality time with your pet outside as well as inside.

Provide Food

It’s essential to make sure your dog doesn’t get malnourished. If he spends a lot of time outside, it’s time to check his food. He needs enough protein for proper fur growth.

Moreover, provide him with a heated bowl. Water may freeze, and you don’t want your pet to become dehydrated. Outdoor dogs should be fed more compared to indoor ones, especially if they are active. They burn a lot of calories because energy keeps them warm, so consult the vet to find out how much you should feed your dog.

Indoor pets shouldn’t be fed too much, because they may get obese.

Provide Cozy Bedding

Who doesn’t love rolling themselves in a warm blanket while it snows outside? Be sure that your pet would love feeling comfy as well. Make sure you choose the right bedding to keep your furry friend warm.

The floor can be cold as well, so place their bed somewhere high and give them warm and thick blankets. You love your pet, so you want them to feel good and be happy.

Groom Your Pet

Proper grooming is required to keep your dog safe during winter. Ensure the coat is clean and well-groomed, especially if you give your dog a lot of outdoors time. After you bathe your dog, dry his fur carefully. If not, they may feel cold or get sick. That’s not something that you want, do you?

Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

Paws are probably the most important thing when it comes to dog winter care. The reason is the fact that they step on snow, and their paws feel cold. Moreover, they can suffer from cracked pads. If salt is poured on ice to prevent slipping, it may burn your pet’s pads.

Clean his paws after going for a walk. However, it would be recommended to buy some little dog boots to prevent any unwanted incident from happening. Also, check if your dog has ice buildups between the pads, in case they have furry paws. Trim the hair to prevent it from happening.

Don’t Let Him Near Heaters

Everyone needs to crawl next to heaters during winter to feel warm and forget about trembling. Dogs may do the same, but make sure you don’t let it happen. They may get too close to the heat source and burn themselves.

It would be recommended to install baseboard radiators to avoid incidents. Fireplaces are just as dangerous. Ensure you have a pet-proof system so your pet is safe.

In conclusion, your dog is an important family member and you need to make sure he is ready for winter. Hopefully, this guide will steer you in the right direction.

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