educational sector

educational sector

Teachers have had to adapt to a world of almost universal distance education as nearly 94 per cent of all learners have faced school closures. Most teachers and their organizations have embraced this challenge, although in many developing countries teachers lack the skills and equipment to provide distance education effectively. As governments consider reopening school as confinement measures are relaxed, the safety of learners and teachers should be paramount, and social distancing of learners, access to personal protective equipment, and regular virus testing will be key.
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There are six education agencies directly involved in the management of New Zealand education sector. They are:
These agencies work towards the Government’s educational priorities, individually and collectively.

Education and training are arguably the most efficient tools to support human empowerment and development. Knowledge and skills are the prerequisite to help employability and foster social inclusion, while research and innovation are key to make society more competitive and create new jobs.
We finance projects that:

Education is fundamental in acquiring knowledge, values, skills, beliefs and moral Habits. As noted by this quote: “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”
Coronavirus is an enemy to the OECS Education System, causing the closing of schools and the social distancing between students and teachers. In these times of crisis, OECS has created a strategic response with several initiatives to mitigate the impacts of Coronavirus.


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