education sector

education sector

The New Ukrainian School is a key reform of the Ministry of Education and Science, that will put an end to negative trends and transform the Ukrainian school into a lever of social equality and cohesion, economic development and competitiveness of Ukraine.
The main goal is to create a school, where it will be a pleasure to study and which will give pupils not only knowledge, as it is now, but also the ability to apply it in life. The New Ukrainian School is a school that appeals to pupils. Here their opinions are considered, they are taught to think critically, not to be afraid to express personal opinion and be responsible citizens. The key change for pupils is about approaches to teaching and content of education, since the main task of NUS is to educate an innovator and citizen able to make responsible decisions and adhere to human rights.

Education sector
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction thematic platform for knowledge and education, consultation version, November 2008
Guidance document for school administrators, teachers, education authorities, school safety committees and similar. Introduces disaster impacts on and prevention for schools; creating and maintaining safe learning environments; teaching and learning disaster prevention and preparedness, educational materials and teacher training, and developing a culture of safety.

NZQA works closely with other education sector agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Social Development on various initiatives. These include:
There are six education agencies directly involved in the management of New Zealand education sector. They are:

Core research audiences often include UK and international students, applicants and pre-applicants, as well as institutional stakeholders and business partners.
Our clients look to us to help them identify opportunities and manage risk in this increasingly competitive and innovative market. The projects we undertake range from course portfolio development (product line) to global brand tracking.


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