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Empowerly offers college admissions counseling tailored to your experience to guarantee admission success. There is no doubt that the college application process is overwhelming, confusing, and not always straightforward. That’s where Empowerly college admissions counseling comes in.


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Apply to our master’s, doctoral and advanced certificate programs directly with the college where you wish to pursue your studies. We’re here to talk you through your options and connect you with the right-fit program to meet your goals.

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If you’re ready to earn valuable credentials, upgrade your skills and increase your earning potential, then explore our continuing education courses and certificate programs. You’ll apply directly at the college of your choice.

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We know you want a college experience that’s academically stimulating, financially affordable and personally rewarding. Before submitting an application, get to know our campuses and learn about how your application will be considered.

Track Deadlines

Thank you for your interest in The City University of New York. The following is a list of application postmark deadlines and admission notification dates. The deadline dates below do not apply to the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

*Two-step notification process:
1) Beginning in mid-February applicants will be notified of their admission decision as General Freshman by all college choices listed on their application.
2) March 16 –
Macaulay applicants will be notified of their admission decision into Macaulay Honors College by the Macaulay college choice listed on their application.

**All other applicants to selective programs will be notified of their admission decision at a later date.

***The admissions review for the Queens College Aaron Copland School of Music (ACSM) is a two-step process: Admission to Queens College and admission to the ACSM after an Audition.
Please visit the ACSM website for more information.


Empowerly counseling was a very personal experience where I was encouraged to pursue my interests. If you’re wondering about how effective the process is, I would say that I accomplished more than I expected and got into schools that would have been out of my reach otherwise.

Thank you for helping SM over these last 2 years in his formative high school years, finding summer internships, and helping him get accepted to Harvard, UPenn, MIT, Yale, Johns Hopkins University (Hodson scholar), USC (full ride), and many others. With 70+ essays across 15+ college applications, SM wouldn’t have finished so many applications with such high quality without Empowerly.

I interviewed many college admission counselors and Empowerly stood out with its innovative, fresh approach. Our college admissions counselor was very helpful and a great fit, helping my son with the entire process. The AdCom Review was incredible, giving valuable brutally honest feedback. My son applied to competitive CS/EECS programs and he was accepted early to UC Berkeley (his top choice!) as a Regent’s and Chancellor’s Scholar.

When my daughter started with Empowerly in 10th grade, she immediately connected with her counselor Brooke, who helped her build her resume for the pre-med track. We can’t say enough good things about Brooke! Additionally, the awesome Empowerly team helped immensely with finding a UCSF research internship and editing essays. If you’re a parent unsure which counselor to pick, look no further and contact Empowerly.

Empowerly counseling was a very personal experience where I was encouraged to pursue my interests. If you’re wondering about how effective the process is, I would say that I accomplished more than I expected and got into schools that would have been out of my reach otherwise.






  • 4001 BA Anthropology
  • 4129 BS Applied Physics
  • 4036 BS Architecture (5 yrs)
  • 4156 BA Art Studies
  • 4038 BS Biology
  • 4141 BA Broadcast Media Arts and Studies
  • 4040 BS Business Administration
  • 4043 BS Business Administration and Accountancy (4.5 yrs)
  • 4044 BS Business Economics
  • 4078 BS Chemical Engineering
  • 4046 BS Chemistry
  • 4079 BS Civil Engineering
  • 4047 BS Clothing Technology
  • 4178 BA Communication Research
  • 4048 BS Community Development
  • 4049 BS Community Nutrition
  • 4007 BA Comparative Literature
  • 4180 BS Computer Engineering
  • 4132 BS Computer Science
  • 4195 BA Creative Writing
  • 4145 BS Economics
  • 4080 BS Electrical Engineering
  • 4281 BS Electronics Engineering
  • 4139 B Elementary Education
  • 4158 BA English Studies h
  • 4010 BA European Languages
  • 4086 BS Family Life and Child Development
  • 4097 BA Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas
  • 4279 BA Film
  • 4118 B Fine Arts b
  • 4088 BS Food Technology
  • 4081 BS Geodetic Engineering
  • 4091 BS Geography
  • 4092 BS Geology
  • 4012 BA History
  • 4093 BS Home Economics
  • 4190 BS Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management
  • 4082 BS Industrial Engineering
  • 4196 BS Interior Design
  • 4016 BA Journalism
  • 4121 B Landscape Architecture
  • 4122 B Library and Information Science
  • 4017 BA Linguistics
  • 4159 BA Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino
  • 4188 BS Materials Engineering
  • 4101 BS Mathematics
  • 4083 BS Mechanical Engineering
  • 4084 BS Metallurgical Engineering
  • 4085 BS Mining Engineering
  • 4147 BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • 4123 B Music b
  • 4096 BA Philippine Studies
  • 4020 BA Philosophy
  • 4124 B Physical Education
  • 4107 BS Physics
  • 4022 BA Political Science
  • 4023 BA Psychology
  • 4110 BS Psychology
  • 4148 B Public Administration
  • 4138 B Secondary Education
  • 4112 BS Social Work
  • 4025 BA Sociology
  • 4027 BA Speech Communication
  • 4161 B Sports Science
  • 4114 BS Statistics
  • 4028 BA Theatre Arts b
  • 4116 BS Tourism



  • 6275 BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
  • 6032 BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • 6037 BS Agricultural Biotechnology
  • 6030 BS Agricultural Chemistry (5 yrs)
  • 6231 BS Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • 6033 BS Agriculture
  • 6034 BS Applied Mathematics
  • 6129 BS Applied Physics
  • 6038 BS Biology
  • 6078 BS Chemical Engineering
  • 6046 BS Chemistry
  • 6079 BS Civil Engineering
  • 6006 BA Communication Arts
  • 6132 BS Computer Science
  • 6050 BS Development Communication
  • 6145 BS Economics
  • 6080 BS Electrical Engineering
  • 6288 BS Food Science and Technology
  • 6090 BS Forestry
  • 6097 BS Human Ecology
  • 6082 BS Industrial Engineering
  • 6101 BS Mathematics
  • 6194 BS Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • 6083 BS Mechanical Engineering
  • 6137 BS Nutrition
  • 6020 BA Philosophy
  • 6025 BA Sociology
  • 6114 BS Statistics
  • 6127 D Veterinary Medicine (6 yrs) e





  • A337 B Education Studies (4 yrs, trimester) f
  • A341 BA Multimedia Studies (4 yrs, trimester) f
  • a Concentration in Broadcast Communication, Journalism or Speech Communication
  • b Qualifiers must also pass a Talent Test.
  • c Minor in Philosophy, Political Science, or Psychology, or Sociology.
  • d Covered by UP Manila Health Colleges Return Service Agreement.
  • e Passing the National Veterinary Admission Test (NVAT) is a requisite for admission to the Four-Year Professional Veterinary Medicine Curriculum.
  • f To be taken online.
  • g Required to pass a Dexterity Exam.
  • h Qualifiers must choose either English Language or English Literature as area of concentration upon enrollment.


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