Impressive Essay About Dogs

The dog is a pet animal everyone would like to have. It is the most loyal and faithful pet animal. A dog is from a carnivore’s category is a mammal animal. It is a very sharp-minded and most active animal. It is a life-saving animal. It proves itself more than a friend and recognizes the owner, friend, or fellows. Their sense of listening is too active and sharp. They are more likely to obey you than any other animal.

People love to hold a dog as a pet animal, and People love their pets, regardless of age and gender. A cute puppy grabs the attention of everyone. A dog is the most active pet that anyone can have, and It has a sharp ability to recognize its owner or friend. A dog can swim and play with you. Their sense of smell is too bright and active. Therefore, they are held by intelligence agencies and in police stations not as a pet animal but as an employee.

Some Will Do My Essay On Groups of Dogs Well

Depending upon the bread of a dog, there are more than ten groups of dogs. A dog is just like a family member in almost every home. Many essays written on dogs are provided by professional writers from various platforms. With the wide range of dog breeds available at the market, as well as a ton of essays to write on them, getting good writers provide service on writing is essential.

Such breeds include those whose height is in between 15 to 110cm. They sleep daily for almost 12 to 14 hours. Not all dogs are good at all things. Some of the types with elaboration mentioned below:

  • Working Dogs
  • Toy breeds
  • Terriers
  • Herding Dogs
  • Hounds
  • Sporting dogs
  • Non-Sporting dogs
  • Multifaceted Group

Writing Essay On Dogs

  • Writing an Essay On Working Dogs

A working dog is one that acts as a helper to all humans. There are many essays available on the working dogs’ group. A working dog will not ask you to do my essay. It’s something writers write about them. They act as a security guard not only for your but for your office and working place as well. They help you in all work, either pulling, pushing, or carrying some load. This group of dogs is not comfortable to hold. They are large-sized dogs. Great Danes, Boxers, and Akitas are some of the examples of working group dogs.

  • A Professional Will Do My Essay On Toy Breeds

Doing essay writing on the toy dog breed is quite easy. One must know in this regard. Students who don’t have enough knowledge ask others to do my essay in this matter. The toy group of dogs comprises of the dogs having little low weigh that is in between 4 to 16 pounds. This group of dogs is easy to keep and hold at home and in the workplace. Pomeranians, pugs, are some of the famous examples of toy group breed dogs.

  • Writing an Essay On Terriers

The most emotional and energetic group of dogs that are short tampered. Essays writing on dogs is most popular nowadays. Students work on articles, and many websites provide the option for doing my essay for college students. They are not put up in quiet places. They may be harmful to keep. Irish terriers and bull terriers are the most common examples of this group.

  • Writing an Essay On Sporting Dogs

The sporting dog’s group includes the dog’s breed having the feature of most active and energetic. Essay writing on the sporting dog’s group is trending. Essayists provide me with services by doing my essay to some students having little knowledge about dogs. Writers help the student in writing articles on various topics.


Many animals are at home as a pet animal. The dog is one of them. There are many essays available on the dog’s topic. Dogs are various in types and breeds. Dogs put up for the sake of tracking, security, and other purposes.


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Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance takes place when an antibiotic is unable to kill a bacteria or inhibit its growth. The bacteria, therefore, become resistant to a wide range of known antibiotics. The condition is commonly referred to as MRSA. Bacteria become antibiotic resistant when they come up with mechanisms to prevent antibiotic action on them. Bacteria contain a cell wall, whose production when inhibited will limit survival. For antibiotics to be effective on bacteria, they limit cell wall production, block synthesis of DNA and RNA and also interfere with protein synthesis. Through mutation and other defense mechanism, bacteria can resist this antibiotic action on them, hence termed as resistant.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae is one of the bacteria that has been verified to have high antibiotic resistance. It is highly resistant to antibiotics such as penicillin. This antibiotic kills bacterium by inhibiting the enzyme transpeptidase which is responsible for the last step of cell wall biosynthesis. Penicillin’s mechanism action is to hinder new cell wall formation. Hence the bacterium is exposed to outside pressure and quickly dies.

Due to improper usage of antibiotics, bacteria are likely to be resistant, thus causing increased rate of mutations and transfer of genetic information for resistance to antibiotics. Chromosomal mutations of Neisseria gonorrhoeae has weakened penicillin penetration on the outer membrane. There has been a high-level penicillin resistance in the mutated Neisseria gonorrhoeae with plasmid-mediated penicillinase production.

Horizontal transfer of genetic information occurs when there is gene transfer between different species of bacteria. Resistant bacteria are transmitted through physical contact, and it could also be airborne. It can be regulated by observation of hygiene and following medical prescriptions of antibiotics administered. In animal husbandry, regular MRSA screening should be done to avoid the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Genetic Engineering to Reverse Antibiotic Resistance

Genetic engineering technique has been developed by researchers allowing bacteria that is drug resistant, for the first time to be considered drug sensitive. This method of negating antibiotic resistance seems to be cheaper as compared to other recent drug development approaches. At the moment, scientists can hijack the biosynthetic bacteria machinery to create antibiotics that grant individuals vitality (Aydin et al., 2015).

Professor Chaitan Khosla’s lab has its genetic engineers insert the largest to-date genes into the bacterium of Escherichia coli, altering this microbe to make it an organism that can produce new erythromycin precursors in large quantities, a substitute of penicillin. To give erythromycin novel properties as well as modify it the genes are re-programed (Baym et al., 2016).

Initially, chemistry was used to alter the erythromycin molecule, an approach that is very costly. Today, the experiment doesn’t apply chemist, and the genes are reprogramed to make erythromycin that is modified. This technique takes a shorter time and is more efficient.

Opportunities for research funding is available through several channels including the research grants. These include the Collaborative Research Programme and the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, a source devoted to financing projects addressing the scientific problems that are original and are of specific importance for the host country as well as regional interest. Host countries benefit in that this reduces the cost of dealing with the disease if a cure is found. Many human lives would be saved (Yosef et al., 2015).

Several people have interest, and their reasons are clear. A successful process would save several human lives. Moreover, individuals would pay less for an efficient treatment. Numerous people would be saved in a year.

There are several significant concerns. One primary care is that the process uses viral vector carrying the functional gene in the body of human beings and until now there it is unknown to where the genes that are functioning are being placed. This might lead to the health situation. Another concern is that the process is irreversible. There are fears that the disease-causing organism might bring a worldwide disaster.

Currently, there are regulations monitoring GMO’s. In the United States, genetically modified organisms are regulated regarding health, safety, as well as environmental legislation that governs unoriginal products. The country’s approach to GMO’s regulation is based on the assumption that management ought to concentrate on the products nature, instead of the production process.

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