Bowlingual Modes

BowLingual: Dog Training Tips, Dog Health Indicators and More

BowLingual is extremely versatile, functioning in several different modes, all working to promote dog health and training.

The Bark Translation mode is the primary mode of BowLingual, translating barks into emotions and words. Understanding what your dog’s barks mean can make training much easier and far more effective. In addition to instant bark translation, the BowLingual also has several other functions.

The Home Alone mode allows you to record your dog’s barks when you have to be away. BowLingual can store an entire day’s worth of barks in its “Bow Wow Diary” so you can review the data when you return. Knowing what goes on when you’re not around can help answer questions about dog health and aid in dog training.

The Data Analysis mode has several tools:
Bark History maintains a record of the 100 most recently analyzed barks, helping you spot dog health issues or identify behavioral
problems that can be corrected with dog training.
Home Alone Data allows you to review the data that was collected when BowLingual was in Home Alone mode.
The MBF Score shows what kind of a friend you’ve been to your Man’s Best

Friend. This feature generates a numerical reflection of your relationship with your dog. It is based on an analysis of your dog’s emotions during interactions with you. The score changes constantly and the goal is to increase the score.

The Body Language mode further enhances communication between you and your dog by decoding what your dog is telling you with stance, posture and gestures. This mode is an interactive reference tool for use along with the Bark Translator to understand your dog’s body language and behavior.

The Medical Reference mode provides information on dog health and signs of illness. This mode is designed as a basic reference tool to help you recognize health changes in your dog; it does not replace veterinary care. The Medical Reference has five sections: Medical Checklist, Top Ten Health Warning Signs, Ten Basic Emergency Steps, Ten Signs of Cancer, and Normal Vital Signs.

The Training mode provides tips and advice on how dog training can help you beat the top ten dog behavior problems experienced by pet owners, including potty training, crate training, and chewing.