Is Your Dog Ready for Winter?

Winter can be very harsh, so you’ve decided to check on your winter coat, boots, and change the car tires. Did you forget anything? Oh, yes, your dog! Your little friend may feel hardship during winter too.

For this reason, you should make sure that your pet feels comfortable and is not cold until winter goes away. Don’t assume they are not cold just because they have their bodies covered by fur – dogs need extra care as well.

So, is your dog ready for the cold season? Let’s explore it and see how you can help your dog survive winter.

Do You Know Enough About the Breed?

First of all, you need to ensure you know enough about your dog’s breed. Each breed adapts differently to cold. There are several things that you may need to buy, and the breed is important when it comes to this as well.

Having an idea about your dog’s breed can make winter easier both for you and your pet.

Does Your Dog Have a Coat?

Just like you need a coat to keep yourself warm during winter, your dog is the same. There are little coats that are specially manufactured for pets, so you should go to the pet shop and look for one that fits your best friend.

Each breed requires a different coat because coats come in many sizes. If your pet has a lot of fur, then they may already have a coat from Mother Nature. If he doesn’t, then you should consider purchasing one. Some breeds have short and soft fur, and they risk getting sick from the cold.

Get Ready for More Inside Time

Your dog may enjoy playing outside in all that snow. However, that doesn’t mean you should let him outside all day long. Even dogs are at risk at low temperatures. They risk getting hypothermia or frostbite, so make sure you take measures.

To make sure, ask your veterinarian about how long should your dog be allowed outside during the cold season. This way, you can spend some quality time with your pet outside as well as inside.

Provide Food

It’s essential to make sure your dog doesn’t get malnourished. If he spends a lot of time outside, it’s time to check his food. He needs enough protein for proper fur growth.

Moreover, provide him with a heated bowl. Water may freeze, and you don’t want your pet to become dehydrated. Outdoor dogs should be fed more compared to indoor ones, especially if they are active. They burn a lot of calories because energy keeps them warm, so consult the vet to find out how much you should feed your dog.

Indoor pets shouldn’t be fed too much, because they may get obese.

Provide Cozy Bedding

Who doesn’t love rolling themselves in a warm blanket while it snows outside? Be sure that your pet would love feeling comfy as well. Make sure you choose the right bedding to keep your furry friend warm.

The floor can be cold as well, so place their bed somewhere high and give them warm and thick blankets. You love your pet, so you want them to feel good and be happy.

Groom Your Pet

Proper grooming is required to keep your dog safe during winter. Ensure the coat is clean and well-groomed, especially if you give your dog a lot of outdoors time. After you bathe your dog, dry his fur carefully. If not, they may feel cold or get sick. That’s not something that you want, do you?

Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

Paws are probably the most important thing when it comes to dog winter care. The reason is the fact that they step on snow, and their paws feel cold. Moreover, they can suffer from cracked pads. If salt is poured on ice to prevent slipping, it may burn your pet’s pads.

Clean his paws after going for a walk. However, it would be recommended to buy some little dog boots to prevent any unwanted incident from happening. Also, check if your dog has ice buildups between the pads, in case they have furry paws. Trim the hair to prevent it from happening.

Don’t Let Him Near Heaters

Everyone needs to crawl next to heaters during winter to feel warm and forget about trembling. Dogs may do the same, but make sure you don’t let it happen. They may get too close to the heat source and burn themselves.

It would be recommended to install baseboard radiators to avoid incidents. Fireplaces are just as dangerous. Ensure you have a pet-proof system so your pet is safe.

In conclusion, your dog is an important family member and you need to make sure he is ready for winter. Hopefully, this guide will steer you in the right direction.

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example education

example education

Example education
Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.
Example of patient education (id = “education”)

Nearly all researchers, whether they work in higher education, government or private industry, earn their doctorates, the most common of which is a doctor of philosophy degree, or Ph.D. Upon completing a doctorate, researchers, particularly in the sciences, may pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in which they continue study and research before getting a job as a professor.
To pursue an academic career — teaching and conducting research at the university level — a doctorate degree is essential in nearly all fields of study. Teaching at a community college may require a master’s degrees and professional work experience. For those teaching kindergarten through 12 th grade, graduate degrees are highly recommended.

Anyone attending school in Union County is eligible for drivers ed.
Read all Announcements as they have important information.

H&P 2
“47 yo woman – abdominal pain”
H&P 8
“47 yo woman – chest pain, SOB “

Into Math for Grades K–8 helps learners unlock higher mathematical thinking and become fearless problem solvers.
With you in mind, we built Into Learning, a suite of revolutionary core programs that activate student agency and help ALL learners believe in the power of “I can.”


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uk school levels

uk school levels

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Uk school levels
Mandy is the creator of the Woodlands Resources section of the Woodlands Junior website.В
The two websitesВ projectbritain.comВ andВВ are the new homes for the Woodlands Resources.
Mandy left Woodlands in 2003 to work in Kent schools as an ICT Consulatant.В
She now teaches computers atВ The Granville SchoolВ andВ St. John’s Primary SchoolВ in SevenoaksВ Kent.

Uk school levels
As a student or parent, are you interested in UK school exams? These include:

  • International GCSEs
  • IGCSEs
  • O levels
  • AS levels
  • A levels


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Genetic Engineering to Reverse Antibiotic Resistance

Genetic engineering technique has been developed by researchers allowing bacteria that is drug resistant, for the first time to be considered drug sensitive. This method of negating antibiotic resistance seems to be cheaper as compared to other recent drug development approaches. At the moment, scientists can hijack the biosynthetic bacteria machinery to create antibiotics that grant individuals vitality (Aydin et al., 2015).

Professor Chaitan Khosla’s lab has its genetic engineers insert the largest to-date genes into the bacterium of Escherichia coli, altering this microbe to make it an organism that can produce new erythromycin precursors in large quantities, a substitute of penicillin. To give erythromycin novel properties as well as modify it the genes are re-programed (Baym et al., 2016).

Initially, chemistry was used to alter the erythromycin molecule, an approach that is very costly. Today, the experiment doesn’t apply chemist, and the genes are reprogramed to make erythromycin that is modified. This technique takes a shorter time and is more efficient.

Opportunities for research funding is available through several channels including the research grants. These include the Collaborative Research Programme and the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, a source devoted to financing projects addressing the scientific problems that are original and are of specific importance for the host country as well as regional interest. Host countries benefit in that this reduces the cost of dealing with the disease if a cure is found. Many human lives would be saved (Yosef et al., 2015).

Several people have interest, and their reasons are clear. A successful process would save several human lives. Moreover, individuals would pay less for an efficient treatment. Numerous people would be saved in a year.

There are several significant concerns. One primary care is that the process uses viral vector carrying the functional gene in the body of human beings and until now there it is unknown to where the genes that are functioning are being placed. This might lead to the health situation. Another concern is that the process is irreversible. There are fears that the disease-causing organism might bring a worldwide disaster.

Currently, there are regulations monitoring GMO’s. In the United States, genetically modified organisms are regulated regarding health, safety, as well as environmental legislation that governs unoriginal products. The country’s approach to GMO’s regulation is based on the assumption that management ought to concentrate on the products nature, instead of the production process.

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british education system explained

british education system explained

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British education system explained
In England, children ages 5-16 must be in full-time education, but the education structure begins at age 3-4 with Nursery. Children will enter primary school at age 4-5, then secondary school at age 11-12. The age of a child on 1 September determines when they need to start school.
The four divisions are called Key Stages – Key Stage 1 SATs are administered at the end of year 2 and Key Stage 2 SATs at the end of year 6. Students in Key Stage 3 are not given a series of exams, but are continually assessed by their teachers throughout years 7-9. Key Stage 4 ends with students taking General Certificate of Secondary Education exams (GCSEs).


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high school age uk

high school age uk

You can leave school on the last Friday in June if you’ll be 16 by the end of the summer holidays.

  • stay in full-time education, for example at a college
  • start an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • spend 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering, while in part-time education or training

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Age 5–7. Y1–2. 1st–2nd form infants
Key Stage 1 (KS1)

Termly Fee £6,000 – £10,000
Year Group Year 7 / Year 9 – 13 (Some from year 1 to 13)

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.
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Community primary and secondary schools run by the council follow the national curriculum. Other schools, such as free schools, academies and private schools can follow a different curriculum.
The national curriculum is a set of guidelines schools use to make sure children around the country learn the same things.


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10 Things New Puppy Owners May Not Realize

After you’ve just purchased a little ball of fur, you might be mesmerized by their fluffiness, cuteness overload and forget to think about the other things that come with the package. Even if you are ready to pay all the attention, money and time needed for your puppy to feel safe and loved, you should know that this period in your dog’s life is maybe the most important one in what concerns the discipline, the habits and the things it has to learn.

Even if the first few days after you took the soft little angel home seem to be amazing, you might realize in a short time that destruction is also part of the same package. From chewed shoes to messy floors, these are all things that you should be aware of. You might forget about them now when you see your puppy wagging its tail with innocence, but after a time, they can turn to be annoying, especially if these bad habits will accompany your dog for a long period of time. Here’s what you should know as a new puppy owner:

  1. Puppies like routine

A routine might be boring for you and your family, but you will see that once you establish a schedule for your dog, changes will agitate and upset and confuse it. Your dog feels safe and does best when it knows what is expected of them and this is why they simply work best when the routine is installed in their life. What is more, establishing a routine takes a lot of effort and breaking the rules will turn into a hectic situation for your whole family.

  1. Potty-training takes time

A puppy needs to be walked more to avoid puddles and messy floors when you least expect it. Because puppies have a poor sphincter control, accidents will often happen, and you need to be prepared to embrace the unexpected with the mop beside you.

  1. Puppyhood is messy

Like babies, puppies do not know how to groom themselves, so you can expect a lot of messy situations: from dirty floors to dirty paws and from dirty carpets to dirty muzzles, situations like these will happen daily.

  1. Chewing is your puppy’s hobby

We all know dogs like to chew bones, but you might be surprised to find out that puppies are not just eager to chew bones. They would chew anything! Depending on the breed your puppy is, you might find out that you’re left with no socks, no carpets and with shoes with lots of holes in them. You’ll find this funny in the beginning, but when important documents or objects will start to be torn apart, you might get upset.

  1. Get ready to embrace the unexpected

Your dog might run away from you in the park, it might chew your hand when you least expect it or start howling at the thunder at 3 a.m. in the morning. Embrace the unexpected and be ready to keep calm during every situation. Your puppy needs you to be calm and patient.

  1. Puppies’ teeth are sharp

You might find them adorable, but the puppy teeth are very underestimated. Even if you think that your puppy’s playing and you’re relaxed, you might suddenly notice a small bleeding hole in your hand done by the little monster. With the right chewing toys, you can be safe.

  1. Puppies need your time

Apart from food, toys and short walks, puppies need you to be there for them. They’ve just been taken from their mothers and they are really lost, so make sure you offer them enough time not to feel abandoned and lonely. You can create a strong bond if you stay by their side, play with them, teach them tricks and try to train them little by little. The only thing they desire is to make you happy.

  1. Training is compulsory

Your dog is never too young to learn things and be disciplined. You can make sure you’re raising a great dog if you start training it from an early age. Setting rules and defining your personal space will make them listen to you and doing tricks will be great exercises for their brain development.

  1. Eating everything is another favorite hobby

You’ll get mad every time you walk your dog, or you have a quiet dinner, as your little fluffy beggar will stand beside you with puppy eyes, wanting to receive something from you. As annoying as this might be, even if they’ve just eaten, you should not give up and offer them food every time they ask for it.

  1. Your house might need to be dog-proofed

If you want your dog and your personal objects to be both safe, dog-proofing your house is definitely advisable. With a little chewer walking around, it’s difficult to keep things in order, so make sure your house is the right place for your puppy and make sure you do not leave your valuables randomly- otherwise, surprises will appear daily.

As you could see, puppyhood is full of surprises both for you and your puppy. Enjoy every minute of your dog’s young age and make sure you’re ready for this great responsibility.

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Information for reviewers click here
Focus on Health Professional Education (FoHPE) is the official journal of the Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE), which is the peak organisation for practitioners who educate and train health professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The refereed journal was formally established in November 1998, and is published by the Association to promote, support and advance education in all the health professions. The Journal is intended for educators, clinicians and students who have a commitment to improving health care through better learning and teaching.

Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (JHE) is a scholarly, peer reviewed, open access, online journal focused on the development, advancement, and critique of higher education in the Jesuit tradition. We welcome submissions on the scholarship and practice of Ignatian pedagogy in any academic disciplinary or interdisciplinary context as well as how the Jesuit mission is infused in all aspects of higher education, including student life, experiential learning, and other cocurricular activities.

“For everyone ought to reflect that in all spiritual matters, the more one divests oneself of self-love, self-will, and self-interests, the more progress one will make.”


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Flexible tools that flex imaginations. Spark student engagement with new ways to learn.
Apple products give students complete freedom of expression. iPad is so intuitive, anyone can instantly take an idea and run with it. Mac provides the power to pursue the most ambitious projects. Students can even start creating on iPad, then pick up where they left off on Mac. And with all-day battery life, iPad and Mac keep going long after the last class is over.

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  • the school district;
  • the evaluating agency;
  • Erie County;
  • the child’s parent; and
  • a parent representative.

All children with disabilities ages 3-5 are eligible to receive special education services as determined by the Committee on Preschool Education. The Committee is made up of individuals from:

Highly Capable Program & Basic Education
· RCW 28A.185.020 The legislature finds that, for highly capable students, access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is access to a basic education.


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