Apple products give students complete freedom of expression. iPad is so intuitive, anyone can instantly take an idea and run with it. Mac provides the power to pursue the most ambitious projects. Students can even start creating on iPad, then pick up where they left off on Mac. And with all-day battery life, iPad and Mac keep going long after the last class is over.
Flexible tools that flex imaginations. Spark student engagement with new ways to learn.

If countries act quickly, they can build education systems better.
To address high levels of learning poverty, the World Bank is setting a new target to sharpen support for quality education



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education etymology

education etymology

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According to other sources, Peter Catalanotto first coined this phrase in the late 1990’s as he traveled around the country edutaining schoolchildren about writing and illustrating.
Edutainment is also used to refer to the use of small chunks of eLearning used to deliver key messages in an entertaining manner. This can be used to treat such challenging issues as ethics, diversity and compliance.

Herbert D. Pierson, Using etymology in the classroom, ELT Journal, Volume 43, Issue 1, January 1989, Pages 57–63, https://doi.org/10.1093/elt/43.1.57
This article argues that instruction in etymology, although at present neglected in the second-language curriculum, could offer meaningful linguistic information and principles to the intermediate/advanced second-language learner. Etymology, the study of word origins, has all the attributes of what educational psychologists term meaningful learning. This is a type of learning connected to prior learning, more highly retainable and generalizable, making it superior to simple rote learning of vocabulary. Practical illustrations of how etymology could be integrated into a second-language programme are given, based on the author’s own experience as an ESL specialist in Hong Kong.



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They have come to be educational agencies of the first importance.
The principal work of this early suffrage society was educational.

Feel confident knowing we build a team around every teacher who travels with us.
We’re an education company first. Experiential travel is how we bring it to life.

Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina is a non-profit organization that advocates for quality educational options through parental school choice. Our mission is to ENGAGE at the grassroots level, EDUCATE North Carolinians about the options in our state, and EMPOWER families to have a voice in their children’s education.
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina is a non-profit organization that advocates for quality educational options through parental school choice. Our mission is to ENGAGE at the grassroots level, EDUCATE North Carolinians about the options in our state, and EMPOWER families to have a voice in their children’s education.NC School Choice Advocacy Nonprofit. Sign up and join us today! We have resources for you. Why are you visiting pefnc.org? Click a box below and explore more.



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educational sector

educational sector

Teachers have had to adapt to a world of almost universal distance education as nearly 94 per cent of all learners have faced school closures. Most teachers and their organizations have embraced this challenge, although in many developing countries teachers lack the skills and equipment to provide distance education effectively. As governments consider reopening school as confinement measures are relaxed, the safety of learners and teachers should be paramount, and social distancing of learners, access to personal protective equipment, and regular virus testing will be key.
Tags: education, safety management

There are six education agencies directly involved in the management of New Zealand education sector. They are:
These agencies work towards the Government’s educational priorities, individually and collectively.

Education and training are arguably the most efficient tools to support human empowerment and development. Knowledge and skills are the prerequisite to help employability and foster social inclusion, while research and innovation are key to make society more competitive and create new jobs.
We finance projects that:

Education is fundamental in acquiring knowledge, values, skills, beliefs and moral Habits. As noted by this quote: “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”
Coronavirus is an enemy to the OECS Education System, causing the closing of schools and the social distancing between students and teachers. In these times of crisis, OECS has created a strategic response with several initiatives to mitigate the impacts of Coronavirus.



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How to Write an Essay on Training Your Dog

One might think that writing an essay on training your dog is quite simple to do – but that is not exactly true. These types of essays can be very challenging – particularly if you do not know exactly what you are doing. If you want to impress your professor with a grade A paper on how to train your dog, here are a few ways for you to do so.

  1. Find a Deeper Topic

You may have a wide topic at hand – but you may still have to narrow it down for a bit. How exactly are you planning to tackle your topic? Do you want to discuss domestic things such as potty training, or is your purpose here to discuss combat training? You need to properly determine these things so that you will know how to approach your ideas.

  1. Do Your Research

A good essay cannot be done without proper research – which is why you need to properly do your research. Regardless if you are looking this up online or if you are going through academic journals, look for authoritative resources that give you the information that you need. Ideally, you might want to look for works from dog trainers, as they should be able to tell you from their experience what the proper way to train your dog is.

Sometimes, you might not be able to find that research in your native language. In that case, you might want to look into foreign writers as well – and have their pages of interest translated as well. It’s very easy for you to find a translation website at an affordable price that can help you out in this regard – and it should be worth it. This way, you will at least know that the resources you use are high-quality.

  1. Write an Outline

There are many people who prefer to write their essay right off; however, the best way to write an essay on dog training – and pretty much anything – is to prepare an outline. This will help you keep things organized so that you may properly state your points. For example, you might want to start your essay by bringing out your strongest arguments, and then move on by tackling your minor points. This will help you organize the data that you have so that you may write a good essay.

  1. Present Evidence to Your Arguments

Whenever you are trying to make a statement, always make sure that you also bring evidence into the picture. Let’s say that you have found a very efficient method to train your dog; if possible, try to find quotes or at least people that have used that training in particular. This way, it will feel less made up and more like something professional.

  1. Be Consistent

In this regard, your outline should be able to do most of the work – but generally speaking, when you are writing an essay, you have to be as consistent as possible. For instance, if you start with a proclamation, you need to ensure that the conclusion mirrors that proclamation to a tee. The last thing you want is for your introduction to say that you are going to prove something, only to have your conclusion saying that you prove something else. A consistent paper will lead to a happy professor – one that has not been confused to no end.

  1. Proofread Your Paper

Like any essay, a good paper will have to be proofread several times before being submitted. It’s very easy to turn a really innocent word into a very offensive one – all because of a simple typo. It is also very easy to get the syntax of a sentence wrong – without you even noticing it. This is why you need a set of fresh eyes to point out any mistakes that you have made. You may ask your friend – or you may ask an editing company to provide their services for you. It all depends on your possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay on training your dog should be rather easy. You just need to follow the right steps so that your point is delivered efficiently. Hopefully, our article managed to help you out.

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The global head office is located at Karlavägen, Östermalm, not far from the living room where it all began in 2001. And there are local offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Mannheim and Oslo.
What began as a dream for three students in 2001, has grown successfully into more than 170 talented employees, with 20 nationalities working on 10 local language sites and 3 global sites that are recognized as the world’s leading search engines for education.

The rearing of worms in small educations under special supervision has been found to be a most effective means of combating pebrine.
Loans have become so common many students don’t stop and think if they really need to borrow money to pay for their college educations .

An annual winter school (in partnership with University Zurich ) and an annual summer school (as part of EXCITE Zurich) for Master and PhD students from all over the world is organized. The schools discuss recent progress and current challenges in biological and medical imaging.
Educational efforts of ScopeM are linked to Bachelor and Master programs across different institutions and departments. The interdisciplinary nature of ScopeM makes it possible to educate and train students from all disciplines in imaging technologies together with the effort of EXCITE Zurich.

We offer two first-class master programmes: Computer Engineering and Embedded Sensor Systems.
Mid Sweden University is a place where people meet, find inspiration and think innovatively. At the research centre STC in Sundsvall, we offer you educations in close collaboration with our research in areas such as sensor technology, machine learning/AI, data communication and internet of things.

EU member states cover a wide range of universities that offer many courses to foreign students, and with such a range of choice it is easy to find the right course in the right city. Many European cities offer an excellent experience and studying abroad can be an enlightening experience.
ERASMUS® is a registered trademark owned by the European Union and represented by the European Commission.
This website is just a Social Network or Online Community for international students and is not related in any way to the ERASMUS® trademark.
This website is not related to the European Union and the European Commission either.

Roger T. Ames and Peter D. Hershock (eds.)
Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press

The ILTS also serves as an educational institution for graduate students belonging at the Graduate School of Science, the Graduate School of Life Science and the Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University.
The ILTS also promotes the International Antarctic Institute (IAI) curriculum in conjunction with the Graduate School of Environmental Science. International multi-campus education in the field of cryosphere science is provided by the IAI. The IAI was first proposed by the University of Tasmania in Australia, and the IAI now has 18 partners of universities and institutions from nine countries. The IAI program provides various graduate-level classes with emphasis on Antarctic and cryospheric sciences. The Graduate School of Environmental Science and ILTS provide various course works and field experiments as part of the IAI program. Students who complete the program are awarded a “Diploma of Antarctic Science”, which certificates that he/she has acquired special knowledge and experience in Antarctic and cryospheric sciences.

Entrepreneurship is when you act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural, or social.
Entrepreneurship may take place in all parts of social life – also in existing organisations. From being solely associated with business start-up, the concept has taken on a broader meaning and now encompasses financial, social as well as cultural entrepreneurship. The broader meaning is reflected in the Foundation’s definition of entrepreneurship:

Time to adopt in a new role as Tech- or Team Lead or deepen your skills in React or C #? Here you will find our educations that will give you a deep knowledge and skillset whit in a specific area. The courses included in our educations are carefully selected from our course tree and put together to give you the best skillset in that field. Do you have any question or miss an education, please contact us.
Your personal information is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

Polytech Nice Sophia trains the engineers of tomorrow capable of meeting the needs of businesses. Thanks to a partnership between the school and companies, students benefit from in-depth knowledge of the field of work at each stage of the 5-year program.
The first 2 years of PeiP (Course of Polytech engineering schools) allows them to develop scientific and technical knowledge. The last 3 years of specialization can be done at Polytech Nice Sophia or in one of the 15 other engineering schools of the Polytech network.
The trainings are delivered in French.



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what is education pdf

what is education pdf

Education at a Glance is the authoritative source for information on the state of education around the world. It provides data on the structure, finances and performance of education systems across OECD countries and a number of partner economies. More than 100 charts and tables in this publication – as well as links to much more available on the educational database – provides key information on the output of educational institutions; the impact of learning across countries; access, participation and progression in education; the financial resources invested in education; and teachers, the learning environment and the organisation of schools.
The 2019 edition includes a focus on tertiary education with new indicators on tertiary completion rates, doctoral graduates and their labour market outcomes, and on tertiary admission systems, as well as a dedicated chapter on the Sustainable Development Goal 4.

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what does education mean

what does education mean

We asked children, teachers and our partners in Africa ‘What does education mean to you?’ In this short video children from Kinuuka Primary School in Uganda explain what education means to them.
Get involved with Lessons for Life by sharing ‘What does education mean to you? #educationmeans’ on your social channels.

Learning outcomes are a necessary and measurable dimension of a quality education.
Despite gains in primary enrolment since 2000, levels of learning are low.

A non-technical summary of this paper is available in the October 2009 NBER Digest. You can sign up to receive the NBER Digest by email.

Machine-readable bibliographic record – MARC, RIS, BibTeX



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Impressive Essay About Dogs

The dog is a pet animal everyone would like to have. It is the most loyal and faithful pet animal. A dog is from a carnivore’s category is a mammal animal. It is a very sharp-minded and most active animal. It is a life-saving animal. It proves itself more than a friend and recognizes the owner, friend, or fellows. Their sense of listening is too active and sharp. They are more likely to obey you than any other animal.

People love to hold a dog as a pet animal, and People love their pets, regardless of age and gender. A cute puppy grabs the attention of everyone. A dog is the most active pet that anyone can have, and It has a sharp ability to recognize its owner or friend. A dog can swim and play with you. Their sense of smell is too bright and active. Therefore, they are held by intelligence agencies and in police stations not as a pet animal but as an employee.

Some Will Do My Essay On Groups of Dogs Well

Depending upon the bread of a dog, there are more than ten groups of dogs. A dog is just like a family member in almost every home. Many essays written on dogs are provided by professional writers from various platforms. With the wide range of dog breeds available at the market, as well as a ton of essays to write on them, getting good writers provide service on writing is essential.

Such breeds include those whose height is in between 15 to 110cm. They sleep daily for almost 12 to 14 hours. Not all dogs are good at all things. Some of the types with elaboration mentioned below:

  • Working Dogs
  • Toy breeds
  • Terriers
  • Herding Dogs
  • Hounds
  • Sporting dogs
  • Non-Sporting dogs
  • Multifaceted Group

Writing Essay On Dogs

  • Writing an Essay On Working Dogs

A working dog is one that acts as a helper to all humans. There are many essays available on the working dogs’ group. A working dog will not ask you to do my essay. It’s something writers write about them. They act as a security guard not only for your but for your office and working place as well. They help you in all work, either pulling, pushing, or carrying some load. This group of dogs is not comfortable to hold. They are large-sized dogs. Great Danes, Boxers, and Akitas are some of the examples of working group dogs.

  • A Professional Will Do My Essay On Toy Breeds

Doing essay writing on the toy dog breed is quite easy. One must know in this regard. Students who don’t have enough knowledge ask others to do my essay in this matter. The toy group of dogs comprises of the dogs having little low weigh that is in between 4 to 16 pounds. This group of dogs is easy to keep and hold at home and in the workplace. Pomeranians, pugs, are some of the famous examples of toy group breed dogs.

  • Writing an Essay On Terriers

The most emotional and energetic group of dogs that are short tampered. Essays writing on dogs is most popular nowadays. Students work on articles, and many websites provide the option for doing my essay for college students. They are not put up in quiet places. They may be harmful to keep. Irish terriers and bull terriers are the most common examples of this group.

  • Writing an Essay On Sporting Dogs

The sporting dog’s group includes the dog’s breed having the feature of most active and energetic. Essay writing on the sporting dog’s group is trending. Essayists provide me with services by doing my essay to some students having little knowledge about dogs. Writers help the student in writing articles on various topics.


Many animals are at home as a pet animal. The dog is one of them. There are many essays available on the dog’s topic. Dogs are various in types and breeds. Dogs put up for the sake of tracking, security, and other purposes.


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