10 Things New Puppy Owners May Not Realize

After you’ve just purchased a little ball of fur, you might be mesmerized by their fluffiness, cuteness overload and forget to think about the other things that come with the package. Even if you are ready to pay all the attention, money and time needed for your puppy to feel safe and loved, you should know that this period in your dog’s life is maybe the most important one in what concerns the discipline, the habits and the things it has to learn.

Even if the first few days after you took the soft little angel home seem to be amazing, you might realize in a short time that destruction is also part of the same package. From chewed shoes to messy floors, these are all things that you should be aware of. You might forget about them now when you see your puppy wagging its tail with innocence, but after a time, they can turn to be annoying, especially if these bad habits will accompany your dog for a long period of time. Here’s what you should know as a new puppy owner:

  1. Puppies like routine

A routine might be boring for you and your family, but you will see that once you establish a schedule for your dog, changes will agitate and upset and confuse it. Your dog feels safe and does best when it knows what is expected of them and this is why they simply work best when the routine is installed in their life. What is more, establishing a routine takes a lot of effort and breaking the rules will turn into a hectic situation for your whole family.

  1. Potty-training takes time

A puppy needs to be walked more to avoid puddles and messy floors when you least expect it. Because puppies have a poor sphincter control, accidents will often happen, and you need to be prepared to embrace the unexpected with the mop beside you.

  1. Puppyhood is messy

Like babies, puppies do not know how to groom themselves, so you can expect a lot of messy situations: from dirty floors to dirty paws and from dirty carpets to dirty muzzles, situations like these will happen daily.

  1. Chewing is your puppy’s hobby

We all know dogs like to chew bones, but you might be surprised to find out that puppies are not just eager to chew bones. They would chew anything! Depending on the breed your puppy is, you might find out that you’re left with no socks, no carpets and with shoes with lots of holes in them. You’ll find this funny in the beginning, but when important documents or objects will start to be torn apart, you might get upset.

  1. Get ready to embrace the unexpected

Your dog might run away from you in the park, it might chew your hand when you least expect it or start howling at the thunder at 3 a.m. in the morning. Embrace the unexpected and be ready to keep calm during every situation. Your puppy needs you to be calm and patient.

  1. Puppies’ teeth are sharp

You might find them adorable, but the puppy teeth are very underestimated. Even if you think that your puppy’s playing and you’re relaxed, you might suddenly notice a small bleeding hole in your hand done by the little monster. With the right chewing toys, you can be safe.

  1. Puppies need your time

Apart from food, toys and short walks, puppies need you to be there for them. They’ve just been taken from their mothers and they are really lost, so make sure you offer them enough time not to feel abandoned and lonely. You can create a strong bond if you stay by their side, play with them, teach them tricks and try to train them little by little. The only thing they desire is to make you happy.

  1. Training is compulsory

Your dog is never too young to learn things and be disciplined. You can make sure you’re raising a great dog if you start training it from an early age. Setting rules and defining your personal space will make them listen to you and doing tricks will be great exercises for their brain development.

  1. Eating everything is another favorite hobby

You’ll get mad every time you walk your dog, or you have a quiet dinner, as your little fluffy beggar will stand beside you with puppy eyes, wanting to receive something from you. As annoying as this might be, even if they’ve just eaten, you should not give up and offer them food every time they ask for it.

  1. Your house might need to be dog-proofed

If you want your dog and your personal objects to be both safe, dog-proofing your house is definitely advisable. With a little chewer walking around, it’s difficult to keep things in order, so make sure your house is the right place for your puppy and make sure you do not leave your valuables randomly- otherwise, surprises will appear daily.

As you could see, puppyhood is full of surprises both for you and your puppy. Enjoy every minute of your dog’s young age and make sure you’re ready for this great responsibility.

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