BowLingual: The Dog Bark Translator

Do you ever try to figure out what your dog means by a low growl or high-pitched bark? Well, you won’t have to wonder any more! The BowLingual Translator is a revolutionary new device that will help you decode the messages your dog had been trying to send you all these years.

This device can translate barks for more than 80 different dog breeds. And, if you have a mixed breed dog, don’t worry: based on the dog’s size and muzzle shape, the BowLingual Translator can be set to translate for ANY dog.

Each BowLingual includes:
1 wireless transmitter/mic (3.2″ X 1.8″ X 1″; 1.3 oz)
1 collar fastener
1 handheld LCD receiver (6.5″ X 2.9″ X 1.3″; 4.1 oz)
 5 AAA batteries (1 for transmitter, 4 for receiver)
1 user’s manual.

If you have two dogs, BowLingual is available in two colors, each with its own frequency, allowing you to have more than one dog using a BowLingual Translator in your home without crossing signals.

First sold in Japan in September 2002, BowLingual is now available in the US. Find out what your dog is saying by ordering a BowLingual Bark Translator.

BowLingual isn’t only for bark translation, however. It also has several other functions including dog training tips, a “Bow Wow Diary” and tips on understanding your dog’s body language. Go to the BowLingual Modes page for additional information.